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Are all brands of lubricants the same?
No, the major difference is in the quality of the base oils and additives used. Many are made to meet minimum requirements and are not designed for extended performance.
Does oil actually wear out?
Engine oils have four primary functions - cool, clean, lubricate and seal. When an oil loses its ability to perform one of these functions, it may be referred to as worn out. Contamination from dirt and by-products of the combustion process contribute to the degradation of engine oil.
When should I use a straight weight engine oil and when should I use a multi-grade oil?
Consult the manufacturere's manual. If a manufacturer wants straight weight engine oils used they will recommend their use.
Could I be taking a chance in switching an engine from one oil to Panther Oils?
There are no inherent problems in changing from one brand of oil to Panther however flushing is highly recommended with Panther lubricants to be used.
What does the "W" in 15W40 mean?
The "W" refers to "Winter" the cold weather viscosity of the oil. A 15W40 engine oil has the cold weather properties of a 15W oil and the high temperature viscosity of a 40.
What is the meaning of "S" and "C"?
These letters refer to the American Petroleum Institutes ( API ) service requirements. A "S" classification refers to gasoline engine oils and "C" refers to diesel engine oils.
With the extended oil change interval with Panther Lubricants, is there a need for a special oil filter, and how often should I change my oil filter?
Use a quality oil filter and follow the manufacturer's recommendation on changing it.
Is Panther compatible with other Motor Oils?
Panther is compatible and may be added to all conventional motor oils. However, to obtain the full benefits of Panther, it should be used alone.
What is "moly" and what is the benefit of it in lubricants?
"Moly" is an abbreviated term for the molybdenum additive in lubricants. Molybdenum acts as a frictional modifier and antiwear additive in lubricants. Benefits include reduced engine wear, reduced valve train noise and reduced oil consumption. Further, fuel economy is usually increased.
Should Panther be used in a brand new engine?
New engines come with factory filled oil. Use this oil for the number of miles suggested by your dealer for the break in period. After the initial fill, Panther may be used.
Does Panther meet the specifications for use in LPG and natural gas engines?
Panther GEO HD meets the specifications for use in LPG and Natural Gas engines. However, it is recommended to follow owners manual. Some require a special oil designed to meet special requirements.
What is synthetic oil?
Synthetic oil is an oil that is manufactured from a process that is outside of the traditional oil refining process. There are many different types of synthetic oils rang from synthetics derived from conventional petroleum oil to that which is created in a chemical engineered process.
What does the term Parasynthetic mean?
Parasynthetic refers to a partial or semi-synthetic product. Parasynthetic engine oils contain a blend of synthetic and conventional petroleum base oils.